Hoof Club Seniors – 11 to 16 years

Hoof Club Seniors – 11 to 16 years 

Children who join to be able to meet a minimum riding level of walking and trotting independently on a number of different ponies.  Our aim is to create more of a ‘club’ feel, with sessions twice a month.  Each session will be 2 hours long and module based.  We will have up to 20 children at a time, who we will split into teams of up to 6.  This means our Hoof clubbers will have 4 hours of horsey fun every month, 2 hours of practical activity and two full riding sessions!

An extra benefit, due to your child being a member of Hoof Club, is you will receive 8% off any extra lessons booked for your child while they are a member of the Hoof Club.


What are the benefits of joining the new style Hoof Club?

  • ·         Making friends in a fun and safe environment
  • ·         Building knowledge following set British Horse Society (BHS) programmes
  • ·         Improved mental health through being outdoors and active
  • ·         Improved teamwork and communication skills
  • ·         Some responsibility within small teams
  • ·         Time away from electronic media
  • ·         Sessions are at set times every month – so easy to remember!
  • ·         Discounted lessons – 8% off lessons whilst a paid-up member of Hoof Club.



Hoof Club Seniors will meet 11-1 pm, the second and fourth weekend of each month.  We will have a Saturday group and a Sunday group – you can decide which group you would like your child to join.  When you apply, please state what day you would prefer.  The Seniors will be following the BHS Bronze Challenge Awards programme (https://pathways.bhs.org.uk/challenge-awards/).  As part of the programme each child will receive their own Challenge Award booklets and as they progress through the booklets, they will receive certificates and rosettes to keep them motivated.  Once they have completed all the challenges in the Bronze Award programme, members can then progress onto the Silver Challenge Awards.riding club


How much will it cost?

The new Hoof Club will run monthly except for April and August.  When your child joins, we require the monthly fee be paid by Standing Order on the 15th of each month.  The charge for our Hoof Club is £84.50 per month, this price includes the cost of all booklets that your child will receive.  There is a Membership fee of £40.00.  If your child is a current Hoof Club member this fee is waived.


How do I sign my child up?

Please register your interest by emailing us at info@reinandshine.co.uk, stating your preference of either a Saturday or Sunday group and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Being a complete change of format from the current programme, existing members who wish to progress with the new programme, should also register their interest.


The all important small print!

  • ·         The Hoof Club year will run from January to December excluding April and August.
  • ·         Standing orders of £84.50, must be set up to be paid on the 15th of the month.
  • ·         Non-attendance of a session for any reason whatsoever is your decision.  There will be no partial or full refund for that month.
  • ·         Monthly payments include the cost of BHS booklets, stickers and rosettes.  Cloth badges and pin badges can be bought at extra cost.
  • ·         The activities are designed to promote horse/pony care knowledge, riding skills and encourage friendships and team building.
  • ·         The 8% lesson discount only applies while the standing order is active

For more information please email info@reinandshine.co.uk or ring 01666 860068.