Full Livery

We can provide full care of your horse on a 5 day basis or a 7 day basis, if your horse has any specicifc care or medical requirement we will be more than happy to meet them. The routine for Full Livery horses is as followsLivery at Rein and shine

  • Early morning horse checks
  • Morning Feed
  • Rug changes & turn out
  • Muck out & hay ready for return to stable
  • Paddock skipping
  • Afternoon fetch in, (leg wash if necessary) feet pick & rug change
  • Evening skip out and re-hay
  • Evening meal
  • Evening horse checks and alarm setting/yard lock up
  • Nightly horse checks

In addition to this we are happy to apply daily creams/sprays when required. All livery packages include hard feed, hay and bedding and full use of all facilities.

We provide Full Livery on 5 or 7 day agreements
7 day full livery - £151.00 per week
5 day full livery -  £130.00 per week