Adult Stable Management and Horse Welfare Tuition

We have an Adult Stable Management program which cover the basics in horse care, welfare and stable management.

Sessions always begin in the Hoof Club lecture room and then move on to practical elements in which members will actively participate. From grooming to tacking up and rugging to safely handling horses. These practical elements will be under the cover of the livery or riding school barns, but also on the livery yard itself and in the grazing fields. Members will need to dress appropriately for each session.

The 9 modules give an overview and are designed to keep within the one hour sessions. We can accommodate these sessions back to back with riding tuition if required of course.

Once these basic modules are completed there will be the opportunity for more in depth training if you require.

Modules can be taken individually or as a complete course.

Each module last about 1 hour and includes a hot or cold drink of choice

The cost is £50 per module