Assisted DIY/ Flexi Livery

Our Assisted DIY option (we call Flexi Livery) gives you the ability to be more hands on on a daily basis, yet still enjoy all the benefits of livery with us.

Whats included:livery near me

Feed & feeding,

Bedding, hay & water,

Poo picking, foot picking and rug change

All facilities including XC, on site hacking, show jumps, arenas, solarium, hot shower, indoor & outdoor tie ups, power for clipping and farrier bays.

We will turn out and fetch in daily at the routine times

Private school areas to ride – in which you can book,  online or in our office

Year round turnout (which is reduced in wetter months due to loss of day light , there is also hard turnout when fields become too wet in winter months to ensure horses still go out daily ).

What do you need to do?

You will muck out daily and provide any skips out you wish to, add your hay, any grooming and exercise. You will need to be present for vets and farriers, physio’s and dentists – we can provide support here if you cannot attend and need a staff member to help

You can turn up the service if you are not able to attend, you can have a full livery, holiday livery, add schooling, lessons, or extra care routines. We also have regular clinics, events and competitions on site – there is lots to do and people to ride out with if you choose.

Flexi Livery is £124.30 per week