Working Livery

Our Working Livery gives owners the opportunity to keep their horse fit and working, and cared for 7 days a week at a low cost without having to brave early mornings or late nights. This suits those with busy lives who’s horse needs more exercise. The routine of care follows that of Full Livery horses, but  50 % of the week the Working Livery horses work in the riding school with clients appropriate to the level and abilities of the horse.

  • Early AM horse checksworking livery wiltshire
  • Morning feed
  • Rug changes & turn out
  • Muck out and hay ready
  • Paddock skipping & ground maintenance
  • Afternoon fetch in, (leg wash if necessary) feet pick & rug change
  • Evening skip out and re-hay
  • Evening feed
  • PM horse checks
  • Nightly horse checks
  • Numnah washing where requiredhunter trials in wiltshire
  • Standing with vets/farriers

We provide Working Livery on 7 day agreements at £129.80pw

If you think your horse would suit a Working Livery please contact us


Service Price
7 day working livery £118.00