Hoof Club Dressage

Dressage is the art of riding a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility and wiltshire horse riding lessonsbalance.

To develop the horse’s movements and flexibility we must learn to ride to a higher level.

First we learn ourselves, and then we work together with the horse as a partnership on a path together.

Can anyone do dressage?

The answer is – yes! Our Hoof Club has developed dressage team training so you can become a dressage rider. The courses last 12 months and consist of one group session per month.

There are 3 levels:Rein and shine dressage

  1. Intro working to Prelim
  2. Prelim working to Novice
  3. Novice working to Elementary

Each module is 2 hours long and riders will tack up and untack their own horses. Modules start with a team talk discussing the content of each session, then riders will prepare their own horse for riding. During the hour long riding session movements will taught and practiced. Following untacking the horse, riders will meet for a relevant discussion ranging from dressage tack, rider clothing, competition rules, or video of the session. During the course riders will write displays to music and take part in dressage competitions.

There is a membership fee of £25 and your Hoof Club Dressage polo shirt will be ordered for you.

Each module then costs £45 during the 12 month programme.

Please contact us for more information.