Hoof Club Jumping Team

Show Jumping in Hoof Club Jump TeamHoof Club Jumping Team memberships are available to Hoof Club Juniors and Hoof Club Seniors
A 12 monthly Jump Training program at £50 per module covering show jumping, arena eventing and cross country jumping. Modules are based on seasonal timescales as detailed below

Membership is £25 and each module lasts about 2 hours

Module scheduleRiding Club Jump Team at Rein and Shine

  1. Jumping positions, jump and pole distances (May)
  2. Jumping – on grass (June)
  3. Cross country riding (July)
  4. Cross country jumping (Jul – module 3 has to be completed satisfactorily first)
  5. Cross country jumping (Aug)
  6. Cross Country Competition – (Early September)
  7. Arena eventing – (October)
  8. Arena eventing – (November)clear round jumping of grass at rein and shine Braydon
  9. Arena Eventing Competition – (December)
  10.  Show jumping – (January)
  11.  Jump Off riding – (February)
  12. Show Jumping Competition – (March)

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