Learn to Ride Course

Who is this for? – Beginners: Adults, children, and those returning to riding

This 6-session course is a mix of Simulator sessions and school horse sessions –  excellent for those who have never ridden before, and those returning to riding after a break.  Designed to get riders to an independent level because the simulator will not react to imbalance or underdeveloped core strength. New riders and riders lacking in riding fitness can struggle to keep a horse moving forward, as they have not yet conditioned their body to do this – this can prevent them from being able to practice trot work, and balance development needed to progress. The simulator helps riders learn at a faster rate, but of course riders need to mix simulator sessions with school horse sessions to apply what has been learned and measure their success.

Key benefits:  – Rapid development, increased confidence, zero risk of unpredictable horse behaviour, technical feedback for continuous improvement, muscle conditioning for riding balance when taken in quick succession.

Adult Weekend £381                  Adult Weekday £345

Child Weekend £345                    Child Weekday £314

Session 1 Simulator - Basic aids / position/ balance – whether a first time ride , or returning to the saddle, you have the comfort of a spook free horse to gain or regain your skills.
Session 2 School Horse – Lunge lesson – you will not yet be used to the controls with a free-thinking creature – the instructor will keep riders on a lunge line to help apply what has been learned on the Simulator
Session 3 Simulator – building your trot work, working to improve your timing, rhythm, and balance, demonstrated by the visual data of the Simulator.
Session 4 School Horse – riding your horse solo, working to keep your horses under control and maintain balance throughout.
Session 5 Simulator – Developing the balance in your trot work, trotting without stirrups
Session 6 School Horse – Solo riding – working to maintain balance in your independent riding skills. Applying all you have learnt to support changes of direction and pace with less support, and better balance