Simulator Courses

Our Racewood Eventing Simulator was installed in September 2022!
This state-of-the-art technology will provide our riders with the most advanced horse-riding simulator on the market today. The Eventing simulator does it all, from true to life dressage movements, to show jumping, grid work or negotiating technical combinations on a cross country course.
It utilises the latest motion control technology to replicate jumps up to 1.10m and moves in ways no other simulator can. The 3-Day-Eventer: includes Dressage, Show-Jumping Cross-Country and Hacking modes. It has been described as “The perfect schoolmaster”.  We will be just the 4th installation in the UK of this highly advanced technology and we will be the only commercial installation of the eventing simulator in a non-academic setting.

Benefits and uses:
A vast array of information is captured so feedback is provided to the instructor and rider – such as the balance, weight distribution and rein contact to ensure continuous improvement and development.
The auto training routine creates rider position analysis from rein, seat and leg sensors showing weight distribution and balance.
Beginner, intermediate and advanced level dressage, show jumping and cross-country courses.
Variable height grid work to replicate jumps from 60cm up to 1.10m.
Practice adjusting stride patterns.
Improve rider biomechanics and postural balance.
General riding fitness improvement.
From beginner to advanced riders.
Nervous riders – cannot spook, rear or buck!
Confidence building.
Improves mental health by reducing anxiety before learning a new discipline.