The Rein and Shine way

Why do you want to learn to ride?……………. This is a very important question to us

We will discuss your aims and goals with you during your first assessment session so that we can support and focus on your journey to realise your aims and end goals. The maximum group size is five to ensure high quality tuition.

Many people want to ride because they want to get fit, or get back into riding after having children. Others have suffered a loss of confidence but still keep a deep love for horses and want to work on those confidence issues. Younger riders often want to own their own horse or pony one day, and need to learn about horses and their care as well the riding elements. Horses can also offer a great therapy to those with mental and physical disability.

So whatever your reason for wanting to ride we can help you and work with you to achieve your goals.

If you are new to the sport then we have a step by step programme that will get you to where you want to be, at your own pace, whatever your age or fitness level. For example, we offer a programme for new starters that also want to learn more the care and welfare of horses.

Feedback and development are so important so you know how you are getting on, and so we know where you want to get to.

The rider with some experience can also take up where they have left off, whether it is has been a break of one week, one year or a decade or more!

Meeting your goal, your aspiration at your pace is key to your success.

It is also important to us that you can bring friends and relations to encourage and watch you, so we have designed our facilities so mum, dad, brother, sister and friends can all join in as well as be comfortable in dry and warm surroundings whilst enjoying refreshments and the views.

Customer Service and Quality

High quality customer care and service is top of our list. Your greeting will be warm and welcoming and polite. Our offices are easy to locate and incorporate a waiting area where you can get hot and cold refreshments.

As a minimum you should expect a friendly service, lessons starting on time with a horse suitable to your needs, and a good professional British Horse Society approved instructor. We want to represent good value for your money in clean and safe facilities. We operate in a great location, with well cared for horses and ponies, and above average facilities. Our staff are cheerful and motivated. You will be able to sit in the warm and dry, as well be comfortable in the outdoors with drinks and snacks.

We will study your needs and expectations, give you superb riding tuition, and plan for future development and reaching your goals as a rider. Your progress will be charted and we offer competitions and events at all levels so you can put into practice what you have learned.

Safety is important to us

We display a safety code for all staff, customers and visitors.

We display safe working practices for our staff who are trained on routines and daily duties. It is so important that people observe their guidance at all times so everyone remains as safety aware as possible. Horses. whilst normally very placid, can be spooked and frightened by the most innocuous things. Care is needed at all times.

Children will always be supervised by a responsible adult.

Our key staff are Criminal Records Bureau checked and those in child supervisory roles are Criminal Record Checked as well. Relevant staff have attended ‘Protecting and Safeguarding Children’ and ‘First Aid’ courses.