Knowledge and Education

Want to know more about the care and management of horses?

Rein and Shine offers an education and training facility for those wanting to know more about the care and management of horses. This is a whole new world of interest and development.

Your learning will progress into a much deeper knowledge and understanding of horses and their requirements. Eventually you will get a much better understanding of what horses need and why. This knowledge will make your riding more interesting and involving once you know why or how a horse behaves in the way it does.

Our New Starter programme is aimed at anyone wanting to learn to ride, as well as undertstand more about the care of horses.

Our Hoof Club is aimed at the 7 to 15 year age group and we can offer progressive tests which will be safe, fun and educational.

If you really want to move upwards, it could eventually lead to professional certificates of competence, and even a career in this exciting and rewarding sport.

For our older age groups, you may wish to know more about the horse in more detail from the general care, stable management, feeding and anatomy of horses.