A few Q&A’s

But riding is an expensive sport and times are hard
It has long been perceived that horses are an expensive hobby.
For around £100 you can buy the equipment you need to ride. We can even hire you the more expensive items like hats and body protectors to keep your start up costs down.

But riding lessons cost a lot of money
Riding is not a one off event like going to the cinema. It’s a sport, a hobby, a past time.
Riding lessons provide not only fun, but knowledge, learning and education about horses, riding skills, tack, vets, farriery and animal care – and you!
Horses bring you a whole world of new material that will last you a lifetime. You will also make friends that you never knew existed.

Lifetime experience, value for money
When looked at in this way; the value you get from riding lessons is superb value for money like no other sport or past time. If you want an interest in anything then you have to start somewhere, and we can tailor your lessons to meet your aspirations.

Also, compare riding lessons with any other professional training and you will be surprised. Compared to golf, tennis, gymnasiums and other popular sports, it is not as expensive as you think.

Look at our Riding School price list – we have lessons, rides and packages to suit a broad spread of requirements and budgets.