Arena Eventing Training

Horse Jumping Course 2

These jumping training sessions are designed to take you from riding forwards and balance through to  riding an arena cross country course. Sessions can be booked individually or as a whole training course.

Session 1 – Introduction to arena eventing, riding forwards, light seat, lower leg security and point of balance

Session 2  – Striding, take off points, riding towards cross country fences

Session 3 – riding corners and skinnies, technical jumping, jumping accurately

Session 4 – understanding the difference between show jumps and cross country jumps, riding towards both types

Session 5 – riding in an open space, cantering in fields in controlled balance, first jumps on grass (may be seasonal)

Session 6 – riding an arena cross country course


Individual sessions cost £49 (private), £44 (group up to 3)

Course of 6 sessions, prepaid, 5% discount

10% discount to horse owners

Contact us to book or for more information

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