Learn to Ride – New Rider Starter Pack

Learn to Ride – New Rider Starter Pack

Many people want to learn to ride but are unsure about how to get started.

This programme is designed for new riders who want to start riding and learn about horses. We also see many riders who are returning to horses after a break and use the course to ease themselves back!

Learning about horses is important for new riders as it builds your riding confidence far quicker. Knowing why a horse exhibits a certain behaviour helps with your nerves and confidence around horses and allows the new rider to address situations far more effectively.

We have designed a programme of 7 sessions for new riders to take you from your first steps in riding and horse handling to understanding how to fit tack and laying the foundation skills needed to ride horses in a group and independently.

Each session will last 90 minutes and will always begin with meeting your British Horse Society (BHS) qualified member of staff. Typically you will cover your practical learning module in the first half of your session and then help your self to a hot or clod drink of your choice – then you will move on to your ridden element of the session.

The table below shows the in depth training you will receive over 7 modules. This is an excellent value package that will start you on your way to riding and understanding horses.

Inclusive full course price


Child Private  £749 – weekends only for children
Adult Private  £820 – can be taken 7 days a week

Please note we have a maximum riding weight of 13st (82kg) this is your weight in your clothes and shoes –  for the welfare of our horses we do weigh each client on a regular basis

Whats involved?

Topic Covered Riding Skills
1- Horse Handling & Personal Safety Mounting & Dismounting. Moving forwards, basic steering and stopping. How to hold the reins and beginnings of trot work
2- Grooming Balance and better forward movement
3- Tacking up Rider positional improvements & balance
4- Rugging & Rugs Improved steering skills, Trotting & steering together
5- Horse Behaviour Lunge session for improved coordination and balance
6 - Feeding & Watering School movements and rising diagonals
7 - Grassland Care Independent riding skills and development