Horse Share

Ever wanted to own a horse but you are worried about the commitment of time and money?

Horse Share is a great way to take more responsibility for a horse in a supported environment, without committing all of your time. The convenience of Horse Share allows sharers to take responsibility for their share horse only on their allotted days.

Horse share starts with a 2 day commitment and you can choose what type of livery options best suit your life. We have many clients who take part in horse share, and some who have done so for a number of years.

The main benefits are improving your skills, creating a bond and partnership with your horse where you learn how to get the best from one-another.

Hacking, jumping, the opportunity of competitions, and of course social riding with like-minded people are all a part of what you can expect from Horse Share with us.


Horse share starts at £223 pcm, contact us if you would like more information