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Shared Ownership or Loan a Pony

Ever wanted to own a horse but you are worried about the commitment?

Owning a horse is a major time and financial commitment

Share or loan a horse or pony from Buryhill Livery and save over £6000 potentially in year one plus no time commitment from you! Just turn up and ride!

NO CAPITAL OUTLAY - options available from £35 per week

Buryhill Livery has announced two unique options - a Shared Ownership plan and a Loan plan

  • Your costs and time are shared.
  • ‘Ownership’ is less burdensome and gives you more time to actually enjoy riding a horse you can call your ‘own’
  • Share the cost
  • Share the time commitment
Shared Ownership   Loan a Horse
Exclusive share of a quality riding horse chosen to suit the needs of the sharers Shared costs of ownership of a horse on loan from Buryhill Livery
You are guaranteed to view and ride the horse before you decide to proceed  Long term loan agreement available
Expert guidance on choice of pony   Costs increased annually only by RPI or CPI 
No upfront cash outlay to purchase  
Monthly payments reduced after year 1  
Ownership transferred to sharers after 2 years   

Contact us now for more information   


A radio Wiltshire producer said -  'This must be unique, why hasn't anyone done this before?


Shared Ownership Plan

Is there any upfront payment? 

Sharers need only pay the first 4 months in advance. This is to secure the shared ownership contract and vetting, transport and administration costs. Monthly payments start beginning of month 3 by standing order. (Two months kept as deposit until end of the term contract).

Is there a minimum term that I have to commit to?

Yes. The contract will be for a minimum term of 12 months and thereafter 90 days notice of withdrawal will be required.

What is the major benefit to me in this arrangement?

Each party gets exclusive shared ownership of a quality horse with no upfront purchase costs combined with shared livery fees. Walk away after 15 months with no additional penalties or charges or sale costs etc.

How do we get started?

It is very simple. Two or more sharers decide they want to enter an agreement and stable their horse at Buryhill Livery. The horse will be sourced by Buryhill Livery specifically to suit the sharing parties. All parties will view and ride the horse if they want to. Livery and Loan Contracts will be signed and vetting and transport arranged by Buryhill Livery.

What about insurance, vet and farrier costs?

These will be shared between all the sharers and settled directly by them. These details are covered in the livery contract. The contract will state who pays and which farrier/vet is used.

What happens if one party wants to opt out of the agreement?

After the first 12 months, plus 90 days notice, if one party drops out, the contract is broken. The remaining parties must make up the monthly difference or find another sharer, or the riding school has the option to put the horse on working livery until a sharer is found.

Is there any incentive to continue after the first 12 months?

Yes, definitely! Your monthly payments reduce at the end of year 1 and at the end of year 2 ownership transfers to the sharers for an administration fee of just £250.

Can anyone apply for this amazing plan?

You need to be a customer of Rein & Shine riding school. In order to help you decide on the horse best suited to you we need to know your riding ability, what you want from owning a horse and whether you have the requisite skills to ride and care for a horse.


Loan a Horse Plan

How does this scheme work?

Buryhill Livery sources a horse on loan suited to the parties or provides an existing riding school horse.

Do I have any upfront commitment?

Each party need only pay the first 2 months in advance. Thereafter fees are paid by monthly standing order.

Is there a minimum term that I have to commit to?

Yes. The contract will be for a minimum term of 12 months and thereafter 90 days notice of withdrawal will be required.

What happens if one party wants to opt out of the agreement?

If a party withdraws, Buryhill Livery will find a new partner to join the agreement. This can be at our discretion.

What happens after the first 12 months?

After one year the horse returns to its owner, or borrowing parties can choose to extend the agreement.

Will my costs increase?

Not in the first 12 months but if you extend the agreement costs will increase annually by a minimum of RPI or CPI whichever is the greater.



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