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A few Q&A's

Can I enjoy a riding experience that is more than just a riding lesson?

You can enjoy 2 hour or 3 hour riding packages and experiences suitable for beginners or the more experienced rider who just want to spend some time at a livery yard and riding stables as well as the horse riding.

Do you have programs?

We have designed a number of programs that could suit your needs depending on what sort of rider you are, or want to be. See our comparison page for more information. If you want to have lessons, one at a time, at your convenience then that is absolutely OK by us!

What is the minimum age I can ride?

We can provide riding lessons and lead rein lessons from age 4 years old. But we do provide a Pony Cuddles service for the little ones under four. This involves them just being near and on a tied up pony. It's great for giving them a feel for being on a pony and getting used to being around ponies generally.

Can I ride after work or after school?

Yes of course. We have ensured that riding is availble all year round and in the late evenings with our 40mx40m floodlit manege. So even in winter you can still access our facilities after you have finished work or after school.

How do I join Rein and Shine’s riding school?

Phone us, email us, and we will have a chat then book you in for an initial assessment session. As a beginner we can discuss what you want from your lessons or if you have ridden before we can get an understanding of your level of riding and your disposition, this will allow us to place you in the appropriate class, with the right types of horses conducive to your progression.

Will I get any feedback?

Yes. After each session an instructor will give feedback on how you are progressing and areas to work on or think about for your own improvement. Our instructors often come up with innovative ideas and help such as articles to read or exercises which can be practised at home. You will find it beneficial just coming along and watching others in their riding.

Is feedback important?

Yes. It is our job to help you get where you want to go . . . Progression and positive constructive feedback are very important as we want to help you achieve your end goals. Supporting you and your performance is a priority for us, and as a rider you need to be guided and feel supported by your riding school.

What facilities do you have for Riding School customers?

We have a good range of facilities to help your learning experience be both comfortable and fun for all concerned. We have two floodlit 40 x 20 metre all weather outdoor maneges, which can be used as a large 40x40 metre school. Riding is available all year round into the late evenings.This is situated in front of a viewing gallery where friends and family can watch. We have show jumps and a seasonal jumping field; there is also good local hacking in the lovely Wiltshire countryside.

How do you take care of your working horses and ponies?

We take pride in the care and management we provide to our working animals. They are fed on the green well managed pastures of Buryhill Farm which has secure, quality fencing. They each have a specified feed programme, they are guaranteed outdoor turn out daily and are stabled in bad weather in their herd in communal barns so they are secure and healthy. Fresh water is consistently available wherever the horses are. All of our staff are trained in the care and management of horses so they are professionally cared for in a set routine under the rules and guidance of the British Horse Society (BHS). Our farrier regularly visits and inspects their feet and they are all part of the Buryhill Worm Egg Count Policy and process. Our animals are never over worked and they are rested for a minimum of one day every week. They are taught on a professionally installed surface which is not dusty, and free from distraction and intrusion.

We also have a weight limit so our horses are not overburdened. The weight limit that currently applies is 15st (14st for jumping). This is your fully clothed weight including riding equipment (hat, boots, jacket etc). Please note you will be asked to declare your weight on registration and we have weighing scales so we can check if required.

Yards are Muddy? Dirty? Smelly?

From the car park to the saddle we have hard standing so you and your car stay as clean as possible! Obviously if you choose to walk into the sand arenas this is your personal choice. In wetter conditions your horse will be waiting undercover for you, as getting on very wet horses is not a pleasant experience. Also we keep the horse dung as far away as possible from the viewing areas.

Is there somewhere for my family and friends to watch?

Yes. Our undercover viewing gallery allows family and friends to watch with hot or cold refreshments and snacks, sheltered from the elements. Beyond this is an outdoor decking area which is great for viewing and relaxing in the nice weather. Come along and spend time with us.

Do you have poor toilet facilities like other riding centres I have been to?

No. We have a regulalry cleaned toilet block with hot water which includes disabled access and baby changing facilities.

Can my dog come along; we don’t like to leave him at home?

Yes, we hope so. We are a dog friendly site, but all owners assume full responsibility for their dog’s behaviour at all times. All dog owners must follow some simple rules for health and safety:
• All dogs must stay on their leads at all times
• Certain breeds and dogs which bite or snap must be muzzled whilst in public
• All dog owners must be equipped with items to pick up and dispose of their dog’s mess
• Dogs cannot run freely on our site.
• Do not bring sick dogs, or dogs suffering from fleas to site.
• Please do not leave dogs in cars in unhealthy situations.

All dogs must be socialised animals; person, horse, cat, and other dog friendly. If your dog is friendly to all of these then please do bring him or her to Rein and Shine.

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