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Countrywide Farmers Summer Dressage Series Results

Monday 11th April 2016

Results and league table below from the Countrywide Farmers Summer Dressage series at Buryhill Competition Centre held on 3rd April 2016

Class One - Intro A/Prelim 1
Test Riders Name Horses Name Score Placing
IA Jolene Way  Irish Quinn 57.17  
P1 Holly Sykes Yerbeston Darwin 66.05 (33.5) 2nd 
IA Lauren Hopwood Tomboy 59.34  
IA Suzie Bedford Harry 64.34  
IA Molly Bishop Hayestown Donny 66.05 (34.5) 1st 
IA Kerry Alexander Blue Cross Emmett 61.95  
IA Holli Alexander Oakwood President 56.96  
IA Maria King Philmarsh Lloyd 55.21  
IA Kate Hooper Penfoss Alice 65.00  
P1 Jo Keveth  The Consultant  60.78  
P1 Sarah Dew Grey Coat 66.05 (33.5) 3rd
P1 Colin Pritchard Monty 64.47  
P1 Ella Saunders Lahern Lass 56.57  
P1 Maddie Pike Florence 56.31  
Class Two - Prelim 2
Test Riders Name Horses Name Score Placing
P2 Jo Keveth The Consultant 63.27  
P2 Sarah Dew  Grey Coat 64.82 2nd
P2 Karen Bell  Penfoss Alice 58.27  
P2 Kirsty Johnson Dream 57.75  
P2 Sarah Thomson Molly Moo 62.07  
P2 Karen McFarlane Pimms 65.68 1st 
P2 Becky Scammell Milor De La Borie 63.96  
P2 Louise Dines Wilf 64.65 3rd
P2 Janet Evans Just Sam 62.41  
P2 Barnaby Rowan Dalcotes Lucznik 63.10  
P2 Holly Sykes Yerbeston Darwin 63.96  
Class Three - Prelim 12
Test Riders Name Horses Name Score Placing
P12 Louise Dines Wilf 65.20  
P12 Janet Evans Just Sam 64.80  
P12 Barnaby Rowan Dalcotes Lucznik 61.00  
P12 Caroline Turrell Phoenix 59.40  
P12 Jo Thornton Ruairi 68.80 2nd
P12 Leah Wells  Toblerone 67.80  
P12 Amy Grattan Artful Dodger 68.20 3rd 
P12 Kate Thompson Tyan Harmony  61.60  
P12 Karen McFarlane Fred 62.00  
P12 Amy Yapp Stevies Royal Pride 69.80 1st 
P12 Louisa Tobin Hannah 64.60  
P12 Kiera Bentley Otto 65.00  
P12 Kimberley Rowe Enzo  67.40  
Class Four - Novice 24/Elem. 42
Test Riders Name Horses Name Score Placing
E42 Iona Farrow-Wilton Spot the Spot II 60.15  
N24 Kate Thompson Tyan Harmony  65.38  
N24 Karen McFarlane Fred 62.69  
N24 Amy Yapp Stevies Royal Pride 72.11 1st 
N24 Louisa Tobin Hannah 63.07  
N24 Kiera Bentley Otto 63.46  
N24 Kimberley Rowe Enzo  66.15 3rd 
N24 William Collett (HC) Sheepcote Champion Star 66.15 (HC)  
E42 Iona Farrow-Wilton Valido’s Sonnet 69.06 2nd
E42 William Collett   Sheepcote Champion Star 65.15  

Well done to everyone who entered and we look forward to seeing you again on 1st May. The more you enter the higher up the league you will be placed at the Championship show on 3rd September 2016

League Table


League Table - Class 1 (Dressage)
Rider Horse Points
Molly Bishop Hayestown Donny 6
Holly Sykes Yerbeston Darwin 5
Sarah Dew Grey Coat 4
Kate Hooper Penfoss Alice 3
Colin Pritchard Monty  2
Suzie Bedford Harry 1
League Table - Class 2 (Dressage)
Rider Horse Points
Karen McFarlane Pimms 6
Sarah Dew Grey Coat 5
Louise Dines Wilf 4
Becky Scammell Milor De La Borie 3
Holly Sykes Yerbeston Darwin 3
Jo Keveth  The Consultant  1
League Table - Class 3 (Dressage)
Rider Horse Points
Amy Yapp Stevies Royal Pride 6
Jo Thornton Ruairi 5
Amy Grattan Artful Dodger 4
Leah Wells Toblerone 3
Kimberley Rowe Enzo  2
Louise Dines  Wilf 1
League Table - Class 4 (Dressage)
Rider Horse Points 
Amy Yapp Stevies Royal Pride 6
Iona Farrow-Wilton Valido's Sonnet 5
Kimberley Rowe Enzo 4
Kate Thompson Tyan Harmony 3
William Collett Sheepcote Champion Star 2
Kiera Bentley Otto 1

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